Where Dragons Whisper

My name is Candra Aleya Kinna, you may call me Aleya. I am a she-dragon. I have begun this conversation to enlighten the world about the variety of interests that we of dragonkind possess and to assist in dispelling the ridiculous notion that we are no more than savage mindless beasts, bent on the destruction of mankind, elvenkind or any other sentient beings. I will make no excuses for my kind defending themselves over the years and across the worlds, nor will I say that there are not those of dragonkind that are not far less refined than myself, but will converse instead about the many things I find interesting and do sincerely hope that you may offer your polite comment and perhaps offer up questions or topics that we may discuss further.

As to the chosen title for our ongoing conversation, many would say that a dragon whispering is a preposterous concept, but I say to you who have made it this far that only those who lack the power of reasoning would believe otherwise. For have any of you to date heard a dragon whisper? My point exactly. (Grins.)

Please visit frequently to add your comment or perhaps ask questions that only a dragon can answer.

Yours until crickets roar,