The Tastes of Dragons

Welcome to all who are curious about the tastes of dragons.

It is widely believed that dragons have a peculiar affinity for humans and other sentient beings. I assure you, nothing can be farther from the truth. In the past, I am sure there were those who may have nibbled a bit on your canned humans, but I assure you it was nothing more than a simple misunderstanding. For you see when one has something stuck between ones teeth, it is a great annoyance, don’t you agree? So what else is to be done, when the use of tree splinters to remove the offending bit is COMPLETELY uncivilized? Obtaining a more effective metal probe made to perfectly fit between one’s talons, I believe you humans call it a lancelot, is far more civilized and effective? (Please feel free to correct me if I am misinformed.) So you see if the canned humans would have politely offered their lancelots for use, we could have quietly moved on without so much outrageous behavior.

As to our taste for mutton, there is definitive truth, not to be confused with mutton chops which are a most distasteful fashion, at least in my humble opinion. My preferences lay with the succulent flavor of mutton. Here is my favorite recipe for a Butterflied Leg of Lamb. Feel free to try it. I suggest without the wool since those are the bits that tend to get stuck most between ones teeth, but I would ask you about a strange human custom of preparing lamb: do you prefer your lamb with or without something called mint jelly?


Yours until crickets roar,