On Walking, Whizzing, and Wings

Welcome to my contemplations. Now while I am a dragon, (and presumably you are here because you have gotten past the “monster” stigma cast upon my race) you might think that I have a perspective that is so very different from your own that mine is inconceivable. With all due respect, I believe that is puddle-dust. In my considerable experience, is it not normal for everyone to have a different perspective on strings, and birds, and baubles? So, if you would, let me indulge you in a bit of conversation.

Let us begin with the simple act of perambulating. I believe it is quite pleasant on a cool, early spring morning to take one’s constitutional, or to mosey among the toe tickling grass, listening to the birds chirp and warble. There is a special energy that comes from the freshness of recently rained upon soil and joy at the sight of green leaves emerging on trees and bushes. To see the strength with which this year’s flowers push through the matted layer of detritus from last year’s extravaganza of living is quite inspiring to the attentive mind. It offers us the truest lesson of life, that when all has been done and left to mold and decay, deep beneath the sorrow of the past and its end, there is the hope of new life. Hadn’t considered such wonders?

Now to shatter your contemplative mood with the act of whizzing. As a dragon, I am not often inclined to do this, but there are occasions when one must get somewhere with purpose. I believe you humans have perfected this with your inventions. The wheel, for one, appears to be a mightly useful tool. Your youngsters learn early its use by attaching them to their foot coverings, or on simple boards that I have seen used with considerable skill and pleasure. But I find your cars and trains most interesting. To encapsulate oneself in metal and glass so as to avoid the onslaught of senses when one must rush to arrive at a prescribed time, is both brilliant and disheartening. If one is of single focus, being able to ignore everything around you to achieve your purpose seems quite useful, even if you miss out on everything on the way to your destination.  However, I believe at least a few of your kind have discovered the joys of the onslaught of senses because they have removed the tops of their cars and whiz with the wind and sunshine surrounding them and are often seen thrusting their hands into the air in celebration. Perhaps one of you might offer me an opportunity to celebrate with you?

I am sure by now you have noted that I missed your most impressive form of whizzing in your metal dragons. It gives me no end of pleasure to see you properly evolving and spreading your wings, if you will, to experience the most useful and exhilarating form of whizzing. Flight offers everything. With a calculated twist of a wing, soaring slow over the patchwork of fields and brushing tree tops with one’s claws becomes a pleasant pastime, but with a few powerful strokes we can push ourselves high into the billowy clouds that whisper along our scales with a fresh coolness that makes any venture true pleasure. Oh, forgive me, your metal dragons have yet to become quite as adept at flying. Perhaps at some point when our paths cross, I can offer you a ride on my back and we can share a few joyful moments.

Yours until crickets roar,