From a Letter to the Editor: “Are Dragons Real?”

I must say I was a bit taken aback when I received a letter questioning my actual existence. While I am not offended, I am dismayed since I was under the impression humans had not lost all their faculty for perception of the obvious. The fact that a letter was actually sent and obviously received, substantiates that I must indeed exist, otherwise, why would anyone be writing to me? Now that I have shown you the error in your logic, perhaps we can move on to the true matter that concerns so many, “How can dragons be real if they cannot be seen?”

I would like to expound upon the merits of not truly being seen and the advantages to this state of being. I believe perhaps I can make myself most clear by using two common human phrases.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” this familiar human phrase (by the way- it was pirated from dragons in ancient times) clearly demonstrates the greatest advantage. You see, (or maybe not) most dragons prefer a quiet, solitary existence to contemplate theological concepts, and go to great lengths to be unobtrusive or even identifiable. History is full of tales where dragons and lairs have been discovered and then the poor dragons are attacked for their household goods. And when they attempt to protect them or object to being evicted from their lair? Well, rather than go into a disquieting or gory discussion, I will simply ask, what would you do to protect your own household goods?

“Hidden in Plain sight” is perhaps my most favorite human phrase because it is my most favorite of pastimes. There are so many things that achieve this state, made obvious by the eternal strife in households between the dominant female and her fledglings or more notably her mate. (While I have not witnessed this for myself, I do have reliable witnesses to corroborate my story.) How many times in the early light of sunrise is this wail heard, “Honey, where are my socks?” Or perhaps this one, “Mom! Where are my shoes?” And yet another common call, “What did you do with- (insert a variety of mundane objects here)?” These wails of dismay are inevitably answered by the dominant female attending upon her distressed beloved and picking up the item, sitting in plain sight or retrieving it from where it is supposed to be stored and handing it to the wailer.

Another proof of this phrase is seen most often in human cities where hundreds are never even recognized. Many an artist, or writer will sit for hours watching the throngs pass and never be noticed, not unlike a number of my kin who have been photographed as inanimate statues. (I must apologize for the inappropriate yawn and the moment immediately after they dropped the ball.)

Dragon2   Dragon1

So now tell me, where is your favorite place to go, see but not be seen?

Yours Until Crickets Roar,